Meal Planning PLR Done-For-You Content Pack


The secret sauce to growing a blog with an engaged audience? Consistently posting high-quality content that your audience relates to and is searching for.

Each of our blog packs contains a set of blog posts that will show your audience you are an expert in your field, help you grow your traffic, and keep your audience actively engaged.

This pack contains everything you need to give your readers amazing content on everything they need to start meal planning so they can save time, money, and eat healthier. You and your readers will find tremendous value in this content. If you are a food blogger, mom blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a health and wellness blogger, or a budget or time management, blogger your readers are searching for this content right now! The best way to grow your traffic is to consistently give readers quality content that they are searching for!

Get instant access to this meal planning content pack for only $20!

Save yourself time and money and grab this meal planning pack that you can offer as a lead magnet to your readers, use as part of an email series or blog posts, or add to your printables library.


Get Instant Access To:

  • Monthly meal planning printables
  • Pantry, Fridge, Freezer “what to stock” lists
  • Fool-Proof Meal Planning Articles (use these for emails, blog posts, newsletter series, social posts, videos…)
  • Meal Planning Binder Cover Printable
  • An Ebook Cover
  • 10 Stock Images you can use for blog posts, emails, social media posts

What You Can Do With This Content Pack:

  • Use the articles in your packet to create a series of blog posts and use the emails as a way to keep your readers coming back to the blog each day.
  • Combine the blog posts into an ebook format. Add some graphics and formatting, and either sell or give your ebook away as a freebie in exchange for your readers’ email address.
  • Use the article to create videos you can use for YouTube, Facebook lives,  IG stories or IGTV. 
  • If you have a podcast you can use the article topics as the topics for your episodes. If you have a blog you can post the articles that go along with the podcast.
  • Create a webinar under the topic of the PLR packet. Give away a free ebook to everyone who makes it to the end that you created from turning the blog posts into an Ebook (see above)
  • Create an email sequence that you send to new email subscribers
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Create a drip email newsletter challenge and use the emails as content for a pop-up Facebook group for members of the challenge.

OR Combine any of the things listed above! Once you purchase this pack it is YOUR content! The possibilities are limitless. Have more questions about PLR? Visit our PLR Terms of Use Page or contact me and I will be happy to help get you started.


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